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Performance-focused leader with 15 years of hands-on experience spanning operations, analytics, econometrics, statistics, sales forecasting, and project management as well as strategic planning. Focus on driving multimillion-dollar revenue and value internally or for client organizations. Offers track record of success identifying consumer interests for such noted industry giants as Capital One, Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, Visa, Forbes, and PayPal, among others. Expertly transform consumer behavior data into actionable, data-driven insights to maximize profitability and performance. Strategic MBA demonstrating strong finance skills coupled with team leadership and decision-making abilities. Confidently mentor and train others as well as identify and turn around underperforming groups. Regularly lectures on marketing research and strategy to undergraduates at University of Michigan and Georgia Institute of Technology. Core competencies include:

Data-Driven Strategies Web Analytics Forecasting Strategic Pricing Programs Data Insights  Strategic Planning Data Warehousing Information Strategy Team Leadership Training & Mentoring  Business Intelligence Performance Analysis Cost Control Process Improvement Consulting  Operations Management  Financial Analysis  P&L Management


  • Enabled OrderUp to better leverage data in daily decision making while initiating steps towards becoming self-service, data-driven culture via establishing data standards and implementing corporate-wide BI systems in less than 60 days.
  • Played integral role in increasing OrderUp’s new market expansion efficiencies by 200% via developing predictive models.
  • Facilitated substantial growth and cost savings for Domino’s Pizza by establishing data insights team that immediately delivered effective data-driven strategies.
  • Realized 30% decrease in OPEX spend while increasing KPIs for social media division of top-3 technology brand by understanding user growth lifecycle, limiting number of messages users could receive, and ensuring that messages were only sent to working numbers.

Newsela New York, New York


Chief Data Scientist

Lead creation of Data Team & owner of data-driven strategy

Groupon New York, New York

2015 – 2017

Chief Data Officer – ORDERUP

Provide vision and strategy for all data/information management activities, including operations, computational marketing, and delivery logistics. Partner with senior leaders to understand business needs and operational tactics to ensure adherence to established goals. Assemble teams of internal experts to obtain solutions and identify areas for technological advancements.

  • Facilitated rapid growth, increased business process utilization by 30%, reduced system downtime by 50%, and slashed fixed cost allocations by 20% through updating driver routing algorithms.
  • Led development and implementation of systems that automated processes and streamlined user reporting.
  • Reduced long-term contractor staffing needs by 25%+ (bare minimum of cost) by identifying automation opportunities.
  • Expedited time-to-market for quality solutions by creating “Test & Learn Harness” system that serves as critical infrastructure that allows testing of multiple hypotheses at any given time.
  • Initiated positive change and accountability across all areas of company via developing functional-specific KPIs.

TE Connectivity New York, New York 2013 – 2015

Head of Data Science

Directed daily operations of data science and advanced analytics teams for this Fortune 250 firm. Coordinated data and built analytics technology via big data solutions, such as Hadoop. Controlled $40M budget. Executed analytic projects. Trained and mentored 100+ staff. Selected to participate in corporate initiatives and speak at conferences on big data, data science, & analytics.

  • Guided team in boosting entire data storage capacity by 10%; integrated 1,000+ data silos into single ecosystem to facilitate 90%+ reduction in data storage costs and time required to access data.
  • Increased sales force efficiency by 70% through implementing software tools and process changes.
  • Established reputation as data analytics expert; invited to speak at conferences and universities regarding development of advanced analytics teams and implementation of related corporate culture change.
  • Contributed to lowering inventory, reducing lead time for parts manufacturing, decreasing manufacturing costs, and expediting delivery by ensuring accurate forecasts.
  • Delivered presentation to University of Pennsylvania on subjects such as big data, data science, and analytics.

Soko Creative (DBA Solved By Data) New York, New York 2011 – 2016


Founded, oversaw day-to-day operations of, and acted as primary contact for all new client engagements for this business. Co-developed data insights as internal core competency for clients. Built client data insights infrastructures. Managed P&L and HR functions. Established team of content-specific experts as thought leaders. Representative clients included Microsoft, Skype, Forbes Media, Haute Athletics, GroupMe, PayPerks, HMR, Inc., and TLC Oxygen.

  • Doubled revenue and reduced total costs by 25% for healthcare practice through developing systems to track all operational metrics.
  • Enabled health insurance provider to partner with Department of Labor by creating strategic insights and redefining analytical processes at regional Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Delivered critical data insights that enabled major health organization to visualize their mobile efforts and subsequently improve nationwide healthcare.
  • Drove optimal building placement for restaurant chain’s new stores to gain competitive edge by building predictive geospatial system.
  • Enabled major brands to optimize their creatives and ad placements for television, digital, and print marketing campaigns through crafting adaptive media mix solution.

GroupMe (division of Skype/Microsoft) New York, New York 2012 – 2013

Head of Analysis & Data Insights

Established analytics as core competency within division. Assisted company founders in managing multimillion-dollar budget and conducting financial analysis. Managed unit P&L, in addition to conducting regular and ad hoc reporting. Discovered areas for OPEX reduction. Led development of multiple reporting platforms. Trained analysts and programmers on data insights.

  • Helped startup navigate through corporate world and assisted units in dealing with Microsoft and Skype bureaucracies.
  • Captured 50%+ decrease in OPEX spend through limiting high-volume users.
  • Enabled exponential growth and ensured that users remained active throughout their lifecycle by developing customized viral coefficient and retention analysis.

Domino’s Pizza Corporation Ann Arbor, Michigan 2009 – 2011

Head of Data Insights

Orchestrated creation of Data Insights department from ground up and identified world-class talent to establish enterprise-wide, data-driven strategy. Led team of economists, statisticians, and analysts in coordinating advanced analytic concepts.

  • Achieved up to 5% system-wide sales increase and substantially lowered cost basis by identifying inefficiency in store-level operations. Resolved significant loss in sales through application of cloud engineering techniques.
  • Reduced sales forecasting errors by 50%+ through developing computational model based on economic principles.
  • Led company-wide strategic initiative to quantify real estate value and determine opportunities for future development.
  • Managed web analytics for website ranked in top 5 nationwide in transaction volume; transformed web-centric measurements to focus on customer experience and total company profits by incorporating offline activities.


Burger King Corporation Marketing & BI

First Annapolis Consulting Consultant

Capital One Business

MENSA  Member

WebTrends Customer Advisory Board Member

Nexecon Consulting Corporate Coordinator/Oversight

United States House of Representatives Head Page/Overseer


Master of Business Administration
University of Florida
Hough Graduate School of Business Administration
Gainesville, Florida

Bachelor of Arts
University of Pennsylvania
College of Arts and Sciences
Philadelphia, Pensylvania