Scott Sokoloff is at Newsela – An education technology startup.

Scott Sokoloff transforms mountains of data on consumer’s behavior to actionable data-driven insights. His methodologies allow for the attribution of online activity to offline behavior and vice versa. He has worked with many industry giants including Groupon, Microsoft, Capital One, Dominos Pizza, Burger King, Visa, PayPal, Forbes, Constant Contact and countless others combining best practices in Analytics, Econometrics, Statistics, Data Science & Sales Forecasting. The focus of his work is listening to what consumers are saying via their direct actions to determine how they will behave in the future in order to maximize the profitability of decision making.

Offering a track record of generating billions of dollars in value for diverse companies by encouraging a transition to an analytics-driven enterprise, Scott provides over a decade of leadership experience in the field of data science, analytics, and business intelligence. His expertise resides in building data-focused cultures and world-class analytics teams from the ground up using a unique mix of technology, leadership, and operations management skills. Former employers and consulting clients have relied on Scott to resolve critical business issues, maintain focus on P&L, allocate resources, and deliver insights for high-level decision making. Scott’s goal to maximize profitability and minimize costs without compromising business products and services.

Scott Sokoloff | Data Insights Expert

Scott Sokoloff holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Florida and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania. Scott regularly lectures at nationwide Data & Analytics Conventions, to MBA’s and Undergrads at the University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Florida, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Email Scott at scott.sokoloff@gmail.com.